Block City Rampage Mod Apk 1.3.1 Mod Money

Block City Rampage Mod Apk

Free download Block City Rampage Mod Apk 1.3.1 mod money latest version update. Block City Rampage is an action game. The game created by i6 Games.

Get ready to crash, blow up and demolish everything in your way in Block City Rampage. Armed with a rocket launcher and a whole load of missiles, its up to you where you want to go and cause mayhem, all gameplay stylized with help from created cubes to a style you can feel familiar with.

Pixel hero is ready for action, with the weapon at hand, it is up to them to destroy all of the steel robot mechs terrorizing the city. To help you go on a mechanical robot butt kicking rampage, you will also be able to use as well as unlock even more upgrades to boost your level and high score.

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Features of Block City Rampage Apk
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+ Watch out for your health, too many hits from the lasers and rockets and you will die and it game over for you, so plan you method of attack and have a escape plan
+ Need a quick getaway from the enemy robots, harpoon your way out, the best way escape to safety. Harpoons are the quickest way to move more quickly in pixel block city
+ To get a really highscore in Block City Rampage shoot as many cars and enemy robots as quickly as possible, this will keep the multiplier up and help get even more points on the board
+ Deploy your very own drop-pod that can change into bike for quick transport around the city environment. Cycle around the beach side city and cruise by while you fire rocket after rocket
+ Want to explore more of the city? find more items on top of roofs of buildings like ammo for your rocket launcher or more power-ups. Easy to use jetpack makes flying high over the city in the sky
+ Steel cyborg robots are being made in south city. The factories are located close to the highway, easy to travel to by walking over the highway close to where you start. Conquer the city by destroying all the factories, clearing it free of all the bad mechs that roam the streets
+ Low on ammo? No worries, look around for more or if you want something even better call on your cyborg robot ally to help blast at the enemy droids. Watch in amazement as they destroy your targets using rockets and help collect ammunition for your gun when you’re running out

Info Game Mod
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Game Details Block City Rampage Apk Mod
Version v1.3.1
Total file size 41,9 MB
Category action games
Android version requires 2.3 or higher

Download Block City Rampage Mod Apk

Download Block City Rampage Mod Apk 1.3.1 Mod Money