Dinosaur Assassin Mod Apk 6.5.3 Mod Money Ammo

Dinosaur Assassin Mod Apk

Free download Dinosaur Assassin Mod Apk 6.5.3 mod money and ammo latest version update. is a simulation game. The game created by CDS.

An Ancient Assassin is hired to explore a huge mysterious jurassic island to assassinate the lands dinosaurs, Ice-Age and Safari animals in an epic battle between you as the hunter and also you as the hunted. You are that Assassin who happens to have a gun a motorbike, jeep, horse who’s out killing dangerous dinosaurs in this thrilling chase.

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Features of Dinosaur Assassin Apk
+ More info play store
+ Zip Line Fast Escape
+ Jeep with Power Zoom Rifle
+ Unlimited Quests to complete
+ Proximity Mines/Gas Canisters
+ Full 3D with 360 Degrees Action
+ Fuel/Gun Clips/Medi Kits pickups
+ Treasure Chest/Parachute, Pick up Bonus
+ HD console-quality graphics and gameplay
+ Stunning deep visuals, soundtrack & sounds
+ Huge open 3D Environment to roam & explore
+ Mirror Portal, Use to teleport out of danger
+ Motorbike, Get on/off motorbike anytime/anywhere
+ Horse thats your faithful friend with Whistle to Call
+ Map or radar to locate and track dinosaurs & other animals
+ Handgun/Compound Bow/Pistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows)/Rifle
+ Bottle Message, Daily Extra XP Bonus & Quest Complete, Extra XP Bonus
+ On the island; Jurassic predator land, sandy Beaches, safari lakes, ice age area
+ 3D Dinosaurs/Animals include Brontosaurus, Sarcosuchus, TRex, Spinosuarus, Raptors, Triceratops, Velociraptors, Euoplocephalus, Pterodactyl, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolohus, Sabertooth Tiger, Mammoth, Dire Wolf, Short faced Bear, Crocodile, Wildebeest, Doedicurus, Dunkleosteus, Buffalo, Wooly Rhino, Megaloceros, Scarabs, Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, Lioness, Reedbuck, Flamingo, Lemur, Bee’s, Zebra, etc

Info Game Mod
+ Mod ammo
+ Mod money

Game Details Dinosaur Assassin Apk Mod
Version v6.5.3
Total file size 57 MB
Category simulation games
Android version requires 4.0.3 or higher

Download Dinosaur Assassin Mod Apk

Download Dinosaur Assassin Mod Apk 6.5.3 Mod Money Ammo