Grow Away Mod Apk 1.0.4 Mod Money

Grow Away Mod Apk

Free download Grow Away Mod Apk 1.0.4 mod money latest version update. Grow Away is an arcade game. The game created by Chillingo.

This is an action-packed game of good food versus bad diet. The game featuring with fast & intense gameplay as you repel the ravenous monsters using your powerful veggie catapult. Eat or be eaten. The monsters have been eating way too much junk food, and now they’re hungry for something healthy, you. Get ready to take your team of valiant veggies into battle as you attempt to keep the monsters from invading your plot.

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Features of Grow Away Apk
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+ Fun and addictive game for all the family, with outstanding comic book graphics, cute characters and thrilling touchscreen-controlled, catapult-pounding gameplay. Let’s join in the action-packed feast of good food versus bad diet, and make those malnourished monsters eat their greens whether they want to or not
+ Armed only with a touch-powered catapult, you are the last line of leafy defense as a herd of herbaceous-hunting monsters storm the veggies’ homeland. Load different types of gallant greenery into your catapult and pound your enemies with powerful produce before it’s too late and they plow through your garden’s barricades
+ 4 Environment;the fight between the organic heroes and mutated monsters spans four different worlds as you attempt to defend your armored allotment. The Green Plains, Plague Jungle, Chili Mountain and the Yellow Stone Ridge are all under assault, so take command of the vegetable army and put the animal aggressors out to pasture once and for all
+ 9 types of vegetables are available in Grow Away to help you repel the greedy invaders. The irrepressible onion that makes your enemies cry in terror, the brave tomato that makes a marvelous mess of your opposition, the fearless garlic that lingers on the battlefield and many other gallant gardening goods are all ready to go to war against the malnourished monsters

Info Game Mod
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Game Details Grow Away Apk Mod
Version v1.0.4
Total file size 24,6 MB
Category arcade games
Android version requires 2.2 or higher

Download Grow Away Mod Apk

Download Grow Away Mod Apk 1.0.4 Mod Money
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