Heroes of 71 Retaliation Mod Apk 1.2 Mega Mod

Heroes of 71 Retaliation Mod Apk

Free download Heroes of 71 Retaliation Mod Apk 1.2 mega mod latest version update. Heroes of 71: Retaliation is an action game. The game created by Portbliss Games.

The game starts with a continuation from its predecessor( Heroes of 71) that depicts the Shamsu Bahini capturing a strategically important Pakistani base at Shanir Char, Barisal, and defending it to the last breath. Though they survive the brutal battle, Sajal is killed. Now Shamsu Bahini has set their hearts to revenge for their fallen comrade. A new mission awaits them. Pakistani forces have kidnapped a group of women and are holding them in a torture camp located at Ullar Haat, some miles away from Shanir Char. Shamsu Bahini have to rescue these brave women without a single casualty. As Shamsu Bahini captures the camp they meet another female guerrilla fighter Anila.

Anila joins Shamsu Bahini in another mission to destroy a bridge over the Andharmanik Khaal. The bridge is strategically important as it is frequently used by Pakistani supply convoys. The second mission, though supposed to be a silent one, takes an unprecedented turn as Shamsu Bahini’s position is compromised to the Pakistani army. Now Shamsu Bahini is faced with a full frontal battle against great odds.

Heroes of 71 Retaliation Android Game Mod Mod Heroes of 71 Retaliation Apk Mod Heroes of 71 Retaliation Apk Mod Download Download Heroes of 71 Retaliation Mod Apk

Features of Heroes of 71 Retaliation Apk
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+ Heroes of 71: Retaliation apart from presenting new missions and new characters, is different in gameplay from its predecessor, “Heroes of 71” that confined the player to one position without allowing any movement. The new game has radically changed these settings and allows the player to move forward while fighting the Pakistani Junta
+ First level is about to rescue civilians and next level is about blasting a bridge to bar enemy resource supplies. All levels are interlinked to each other and dependent on game story. Levels are designed with improved graphical performance and visual appeal. New terrains added with both day and night time simulation to give a new combat experience
+ Objective of the game is to make target market aware of the culture and history of Bangladesh through mobile games. New generations are growing but unaware about own culture and heritage which we are going to preserve. We plan to ship user experience of conquering in a combat environment made based on Liberation War Bangladesh

Info game mod
+ Mod Ammo
+ Mod Grenates
+ Mod Medikits
+ Score Multiplier

Game Details Heroes of 71 Retaliation apk mod
Version v1.2
Total file size 91 MB
Category action games
Android Version requires 4.0.3 or higher

Download Heroes of 71 Retaliation Mod Apk

Download Heroes of 71 Retaliation Mod Apk 1.2 Mega Mod