Heroes Rally Mod Apk 1002.1 God Mod

Heroes Rally Mod Apk

Free download Heroes Rally Mod Apk 1.002.1 god mode latest version update. Heroes Rally is a role playing game. The game created by L.T. Network.

In the very quiet eastern world resided some very peaceful people. One day a meteorite fell from the heavens. Breaking open a seal that had been long forgotten. The dark force that had been contained inside for so long began to run rampant everywhere. All living things in its path were infected and transformed into monsters, bringing the world to great distress. There were little heroes that stepped forward with courage. These were the heirs to the hats that had been left from ancient. To stop the destruction, and resist the rampant evil, the heroes began their journey to defeat the Devil King.

This is a brand new card-battle RPG game with a cute style and amusing storyline. The game features many famous heroes as well as complete team customization for you to battle with them in whichever combinations you choose. The game also features an intense PvP experience via the arena, where you will always find opponents waiting to test your skills.

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Features of Heroes Rally Apk
+ More info play store
+ Battle in several different environments, providing a unique battle experiences
+ You can customize your team by adding up to four different heroes to your team lineup
+ Participate in realtime arena battles, giving an exciting and memorable PvP experience
+ You can use hero ability synergies to chain attacks together and unleash endless combos on your opponents
+ Discover over 100 cute legendary hats to equip on your heroes, each granting your heroes different buffs and bonuses
+ You can control the battle with intuitive controls, simply swiping on the screen to cast abilities and command your heroes
+ You can collect more than 30 different heroes, each hero having different synergies and counters when combined with other heroes. Try different combinations to surprise your opponents and take your strategy to the next level

Info Game Mod
+ God mode
+ One hit kill

Game Details Heroes Rally Apk Mod
Version v1002.1
Total file size 92,3 MB
Category role playing games
Android version requires 4.1 or higher

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Download Heroes Rally Mod Apk 1002.1 God Mod
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