Level Up Villains Mod Apk 1.13 Mod Money

Level Up Villains Mod Apk

Free download Level Up Villains Mod Apk 1.13 mod money latest version update. Level Up: Villains is a role playing game. The game created by Grumpy Rhino Games.

Have you ever wanted to be a bad guy? To have a lair full of henchmen and underlings at your disposal? The Lair is full of evil doers: a blind, fire obsessed dwarf, a three-eyed orc, an undead fallen hero, three crazed elves and a sniper known only as “Question Marks”. This ragtag bunch of thieves and murderers are desperate to cause chaos and destruction, but they’re in need of a leader.

In this game, you can hire villains or beat them up until they join you and slowly unlock the secrets of the Lair. Train your villains, tap, upgrade and empower them to be the very best they can be. Improve their skills, once trained enough send them out on various dastardly, idle, quests. Your underlings will smash heroes, battle kings and perform a variety of other weird and wonderful tasks for you, all earning you precious gold.

Use this pilfered gold to expand the Lair, unlock new zones, build gold mines to fuel your evil campaign, unlock shops and hire more Villains. Improve every aspect of your base and become known across the land. The Lair has many secrets, and perhaps the best kept is the Drums of Power, hidden in its very heart. Find these drums, unlock their secrets and earn powerful relics which will secure your name in the hall of evil.

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Features of Level Up Villains Apk
+ More info play store
+ Exciting Idle / Tapper gameplay
+ Stunning 3D graphics and great music to enjoy
+ Nearly 20 Villains, to hire, train and upgrade
+ Close to 100 unique quests that will challenge your skills
+ Prestige to earn the powerful Items of Power to unlock permanent bonuses

Info Game Mod
+ Mod money

Game Details Level Up Villains Apk Mod
Version v1.13
Total file size 46,7 MB
Category role playing games
Android version requires 2.3 or higher

Download Level Up Villains Mod Apk

Download Level Up Villains Mod Money