Monster Builder Craft Defend Mod Apk 1.148 Mod Damage

Monster Builder Craft Defend Mod Apk

Free download Monster Builder Craft Defend Mod Apk 1.148 mod damage latest version update. Monster Builder: Craft, Defend is a strategy game. The game created by DeNA Seoul.

Welcome to the world of Monster Builder, where monster creation is finally at your fingertips. Let’s save the world, research new monsters, upgrade your base, and battle your friends. You just might come across a hero monster of your own with mind-blowing skills. You must organize your team to counter the enemy, that is the key to a successful mission.

Monsters march in from mysterious portals and destroy everything in their path. No weapon on earth can hurt them. The only thing that can stand up against the alien monsters is alien monsters. So, let’s collect monster DNA to create hundreds of variations. You can research new units, upgrade your base and produce your own army of monsters to defend the Earth. Try to discover and research the DNA sequences of many unique hero monsters, and time their fantastic skills to turn the tide of battle.

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Features of Monster Builder Craft Defend Apk
+ More info play store
+ You can compete with other users. Jump into the Arena & dominate
+ Endless possibilities, more than 100 DNA combinations for more than 1,000 exciting monsters
+ You can help your friends. Join your friends’ research for faster development and share the rewards
+ Cast hero skills. Discover the DNA sequences of hero units. Hero units have awesome unique abilities awaiting your command
+ You can mix DNA to create new monsters. Battle and collect monster DNA. Mix them up and find the recipes for a myriad of unique monsters

Info Game Mod
+ Massive hp
+ Enemy 1 hp
+ Enemy 1 dmg
+ Massive dmg

Game Details Monster Builder Apk Mod
Version v1.148
Total file size 76,8 MB
Category strategy games
Android version requires 4.0.3 or higher

Download Monster Builder Craft Defend Mod Apk

Download Monster Builder Craft Defend Mod Apk 1.148 Mod Damage
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